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Our friends in the 2/95th have done a lot of research on ranks and have produced the following list for the 95th which is probably, therefore, the most accurate to date:

Rank and File:

Private (Recruit in training)
Chosenman (a distiction as opposed to rank)
Corporal Bugler
Serjeant Bugler
Armourer (Sjt, grey uniform, green fleathering)
Quartermaster Sjt ( 4x Stripes plain cloth, mentioned as Staff Serjeant)
Paymaster (same as above)
Bugle Major (4x stripes plain cloth)
Colour Serjeant (1813 onwards)
Company Serjeant Major (4x Stripes silver lace, Company Adjutant)
Battalion Serjeant Major (4x stripes silver lace, Battalion Adjutant)
Regimental Serjeant Major (4x stripes silver lace, Regimental Adjutant)


Ensign (Officer in training)
2nd Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel

The other regiments in the Light Division would have had similar ranks except, being redcoats, would not have had "Rifleman" but would have used "Private".
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