Background Information and Source Material

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Background Information and Source Material

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For those of you interested in the period of history re-enacted by the 95th Rifles Living History Society and wishing to find out more about the life and times that they portray, the following is a short list of recommended reading material;

Napoleonic Cavalry – Philip J Haythornthwaite
Napoleonic Infantry – Philip J Haythornthwaite
Redcoat – Richard Holmes
Rifleman - Philipp Elliot-Wright
Rifles - Mark Urban
Wellingtons Regiments – Ian Fletcher
Wellington at Waterloo – Jac Weller
Wellington in the Peninsula - Jac Weller

Osprey Books also do a range of reasonably priced books dealing with the British, French and other Continental armies of the era including;

British Redcoat 1
British Redcoat 2
British Rifleman
Wellingtons Light Cavalry
Wellingtons Heavy Cavalry
Wellingtons Highland Regiments
Wellingtons Infantry 1
Wellingtons Infantry 2
Wellingtons Peninsular Regiments 1
Wellingtons Peninsular Regiments 2

For a complete listing go to Osprey Publishing

Some of you may prefer the medium of film and television and so we also suggest the following DVD’s;

Last of the Mohicans – set around 50 years before our period, the French/Indian War saw the birth of what later became known as Light Infantry tactics. See how the Line tactics of the day proved to be completely useless in the heavily wooded country that was early east coast America!!

Master and Commander – a genuinely excellent film that brings Nelsons navy to life in a way that will leave your senses reeling. You can almost smell the sweat!!

Pride & Prejudice (2005) – not a patch on the book, but enjoyable none the less and apart from featuring the Officers and Men of the Napoleonic Association as the Militia, the film gives a good sense of the Social hierarchy and behaviour of the day.

Backgound Information and Source Material Sharpe’s Regiment – probably the best, current portrayal of what it was actually like to be recruited into, and trained by the British Army.

The Patriot – although set during the American War of Independence, the battle scenes in this film convey a realistic and at honestly brutal impression of what it was like to stand in the line and face enemy fire. Not for the fainthearted!!

And finally, for those of you that enjoy treading the paths of our ancestors, how about a Battlefield Tour? The following websites of two well known organisers will give you a good impression of what is available;

Holts Tours – Wellington in Spain led by Major Gordon Corrigan
Ian Fletcher Battlefield Tours – various tours of France, Portugal and Spain led by Ian Fletcher

Whatever medium you choose to further your knowledge – enjoy!
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