Enlistment - What to Expect

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Enlistment - What to Expect

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So, when you join a re-enactment society such as the 95th Rifles Living History Society what can you expect?

Well here in the UK, Napoleonic re-enactment is about much more than just dressing up and ‘playing soldier’, although obviously the pageantry is a very appealing part of our hobby.

Likewise, whilst the battle and skirmish scenarios that we recreate are very exciting, what we in this society are really about is ‘Living History’.

As such, we seek to portray the manner in which the British army of this period really operated and to bring to life all aspects of camp and campaign life as authentically as possible.

In this way we hope to keep the memory of our proud heritage alive and to educate people about the history of this great nation in a way that is informative, entertaining and accessible for both young and old alike.

The social structure and military hierarchy of the day is closely adhered to whilst we are ‘in period’, but there are always opportunities for individuals to develop roles and characters beyond the usual officer, soldier, camp follower parts that many of us play. We already have a sutler, Ebeneezer Bogof, but are there any budding farriers, cobblers, or barber surgeons out there who would like to join us?

Of course, people take up this hobby for a variety of different reasons; many like the open air/camping lifestyle, some enjoy the discipline of the soldier’s drill sessions, others like to teach history and a few just like to escape from the stresses of their daily lives for a couple of days.

Whatever your reason for joining there will be ample opportunity to visit many interesting historical sites, both here and overseas, and the camaraderie and social life that accompanies our hobby is highly rewarding.

Are you tempted? Do you want to take the King's Shilling?

If so, do come and see us, representing the 1st Battalion, 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot or, on some occasions, 62eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne in action at one of the venues detailed in the Events Diary section of this website and talk to some of our members. :mrgreen:
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