95th Rifle 1st Battalion (1/95)

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95th Rifle 1st Battalion (1/95)

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1/95th Rifle (http://www.1st95thrifles.com)

Since being one of the founding units of the Napoleonic Association (NA) many decades ago, the 95th Rifles Living History Society (incepted in 1973 and registered in 1975) has been the sole unit officially representing the 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot as the 1st Batallion (1/95).

This had been in accordance with the NA rules, ie one unit represents each regiment, regardless of the number of battalions that existed during the Napoleonic period.

In May 2006 the NA changed its rules to allow individual units to represent at battalion level instead of regiment.

The upshot is that we, 95thRLHS, remain affiliated with the NA, as before, officially representing the 1st Battalion, aka 1/95th Rifle.

2/95th Rifle (http://www.95th-rifles.co.uk/)

Accordingly, in June 2006, the long standing unit (formed 1998) 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles officially affiliated representing the 2nd Battalion.

3/95th Rifle (http://www.95thrifles.com/)

Likewise, at the end of July 2006, the new unit (formed 2006) 95th Rifles & Royal Horse Artillery officially affiliated representing the 3rd Battalion.
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