William Edmonds /Capt Lee's Co.

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William Edmonds /Capt Lee's Co.

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Could you please help, I am researching family history. The ancestor is
Rifleman William Edmonds, 1st battalion 95th.He served in Captain H Lee's Co. at Waterloo.I understand he was awarded the Waterloo medal,
Would you have any information on Capt. Lee's Co. and William Edmunds enlistment and service details.
Many thanks
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Re: William Edmonds /Capt Lee's Co.

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According to Caldwell & Cooper (Rifle Green at Waterloo), Private William Edmunds joined the 95th on 4th January 1806. That would suggest that he probably served in the Peninsular War and would have been entitled to the Military Service Medal (and probably several bars for different engagements). However, his name does not appear in Caldwell & Cooper (Rifle Green in the Peninsula volume II), in their list of Official entitlement, so that he most likely had died before the medals were eventually issued in 1847.

Hope this helps,

Ian Layton
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