Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

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Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

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Under the auspices of Friends of Norman Cross, 95th Rifles Living History Society representing 1st Battalion 95th (Rifle) Regiment of Foot (1/95) and the French 62eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne will be at Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire, on Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 September, 2015, as part of the Heritage Open Days at the site of the Napoleonic French Prisoner of War depot.
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Re: Event Reminder - NORMAN CROSS - 12-13 September 2015

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Interesting pic worth comparing the block houses with a picture of a cottage built in Peterborough after the Site was closed and sold off, (can't remember where I saw it if I can find a copy I'll post it)
The guy putting food into the oven looks as if he is wearing elevated shoes a bit like Japanese footware I guess it was just a muddy field as the are no signs of footpaths etc so must have got a bit muddy in winter.
Which would have ment loosing anything that might have been dropped an interesting place to use a metal detector which I guess wouldn't be allowed if you look at the site on Google Earth its outline is clearly seen.
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