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A Rifleman’s kit

We try to portray the 1/95th rifleman as he would be attired and equipped around the Peninsular War period, i.e. 1808 to 1814. The rifleman (right) is equipped as such.

Sometimes we adapt some of our

equipment when presenting the

Waterloo Campaign of 1815. This is to

reflect the changes that impacted our battalion at the beginning of 1814.

The green uniform is our Regimental fighting dress, a white fatigue uniform was worn for day to day work. The hat is called a Regimental Cap and was replaced by a fatigue cap for routine duties.

These images also show how we wear the many different elements of our kit.

Here we can see the kit of a I/95th Rifleman. Recruits, on joining, will be provided with a list of suppliers for all the equipment. Re-enacting has a relatively expensive outlay where the basic uniform, weaponry and equipment for a Rifleman is around £1000, rising to about £1500 when a tent and other ad hoc items are included. However, nobody is expected to pay that much outright and usually items are purchased over a reasonable timescale, with some kit borrowed.

Upper panel (left side then to right side): undress cap, leather stock, greatcoat, Regimental jacket, fatigue jacket, shoes and gaiters.

Lower panel (left side then to right side): British Infantry Rifle (aka Baker Rifle), pricker and brush set, Regimental cap, canteen, cartridge belt and powder horn, waist belt with frog, sword and ball pouch, linen haversack, knapsack front and back.